Webpage Designing And HTML MCQ Questions And Answers #101 to #150

Webpage Designing And HTML MCQ Questions And Answers  #101 to #150 - Here are the next 50 multiple choice questions and answers from HTML and Webpage Designing chapter. The questions are composed based on the syllabus prescribed by PSC. For previous questions please visit HTML MCQ Questions #1 to #50, HTML MCQ Questions #51 to #100. Also you can download HTML MCQ Bank to practice and prepare offline.

Webpage Designing And HTML MCQ Questions And Answers  

Question #101 to #150

Webpage Designing And HTML MCQ Questions And Answers  #101 to #150

101. How to define the link should open in new page in HTML?
a. <a href = "http://www.fundamentalsMCQ.com/" target = "blank">Click Here</a>
b. <a href = "http://www.fundamentalsMCQ.com/" target = "_blank"> Click Here </a>
c. <a href = "http://www.fundamentalsMCQ.com/" target = "#blank"> Click Here </a>
d.  <a href = "http://www.fundamentalsMCQ.com/" target = "@blank"> Click Here </a>
102. In HTML, Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is used to
a. To create a frame document .
b. To create a image map in the webpage. 
c. To customize the image in the webpage.
d.  To identify a name or a resource on the internet.
103. CSS is an acronym for
a. Cascading Style Sheet
b. Costume Style Sheet
c. Cascading System Style
d.  None of the Above
104. Which of the following protocol is not used in the Internet
a. Telnet
d. Gopher
105. Who invented World Wide Web (WWW)?
a. Blaise Pascal
b. Charles Babbage
c. Herman Hollerith
d. Tim Berners-Lee
106. What is the use of Web Font in HTML ?
a. that is the core font that is use to develop Web Pages.
b. that enables to use fonts over the Web without installation.
c. that is the special font that developed by Microsoft Corp.
d.  All of the Above.
107. What is <tt> tag in HTML?
a. It renders fonts as teletype text font style.
b. It renders fonts as truetype text font style.
c. It renders fonts as truncate text font style.
d.  None of the Above.
108. What is the use of Forms in HTML?
a. to display contents of email.
b. to display animation effect.
c. to collect user’s input.
d.  None of the Above.
109. What is the use of iframe in HTML?
a. to display a web page within a web page.
b. to display a web page with animation effect.
c. to display a web page without browser.
d.  All of the Above.
110.  FTP is an acronym for
a. File Transaction Protocol
b. File Transmission Protocol
c. File Translation Protocol
d. File Transfer Protocol
111. Which HTML Tag will use to scroll a text in web page?
a. <marquee> … </marquee>
b. <scroll> … </scroll>
c. <round> … </round>
d. <go> … </go>
112. Which organization defines the Web Standards?
a. Microsoft Corporation
b. IBM Corporation 
c. World Wide Web Consortium
d. Apple Inc.
113. How to set a picture as a background web page?
a. <body background= “bgimage.gif”>
b. <body background image= “bgimage.gif”>
c. <background= “bgimage.gif”>
d. <background image= “bgimage.gif”>
114. Which of following HTML Tag will inserting a line break?
a. <p />
b. <lb />
c. <br />
d. <break />
115. Which of the following tags are related to Table in HTML ?
a. <table> <row> <column>
b. <table> <tr> <td>
c. <table> <head> <body>
d. <table> <header> <footer>
116. Which of the following is correct HTML for inserting an image?
a. <image source= “www.fundamentalsMCQ.com/admin.jpg” alt= “This is me” />
b. <img src= “www.fundamentalsMCQ.com/admin.jpg” alt= “This is me” />
c. <img source= “www.fundamentalsMCQ.com/admin.jpg” alt= “This is me” />
d. <img alt= “This is me”>www.fundamentalsMCQ.com/admin.jpg</img>
117. Choose the correct HTML tag to left-align the content of a cell.
a. <tdleft>
b. <td leftalign>
c. <td valign= “left”>
d. <td align= “left”>
118. Which tag is used to lists the items with bullets?
a. <bullet>…</bullet>
b. <list>…</list>
c. <ul>…</ul>
d. <ol>…</ol>
119. Is it possible to insert a table within another table?
a. Yes, but there must be exactly 2 rows and 2 columns in first table.
b. Yes, table can be inserted into cell of another table.
c. Yes, but there must be no border in second table.
d. No, it’s not possible.
120. What is the usage of alt value in <img> tag?
a. Alternative text for an Image
b. Alternative source of an Image
c. Caption of an Image
d. All of above
121. Which of the following is the correct regarding meta tag in HTML?
a. A. <meta> … </meta>
b. B. <meta name = " " />
c. C. <metadata> … </metadata>
d. D. <metadata name = " " />
122. Which of the following is correct to set "Black" color as Background of page?
a. A. <body bgcolor = "#000000">
b. B. <body background = "#000000"> 
c. C. <body Background color = "#000000">
d. D. All of Above
123. Which of the following is correct to align H1 tag to Right Alignment
a. A. <h1 align = "right"> … </h1>
b. B. <h1 alignment = "right"> … </h1>
c. C. <h1 tag align = "right"> … </h1>
d. D. H1 cannot make Right Alignment
124. Which of the following is correct to change font face in Web Page
a. A. <font = "font name"> … </font>
b. B. <font name = "font name"> … </font>
c. C. <font face = "font name"> … </font>
d. D. Font Face cannot change
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125. Which of the following is incorrect regarding Logical styles?
a. A. Code looks like teletype
b. B. Sample looks like teletype
c. C. Keyboard looks like teletype
d. D. Variable looks like teletype
126. Which of the following is correct character entities for "Copyright" symbol?
a. A. &#149;
b. B. &#159;
c. C. &#169;
d. D. &#179;
127. Which tag is used to display Preformatted texts?
a. A. <pre> … </ pre>
b. B. <prefor> … </ prefor>
c. c. <pre text> … </ pre text>
d. D. <pre format> … </ pre format>
128. Which is the correct to create an Arabic numeral list
a. A. <ul type="1">
b. B. <ol type="1">
c. C. <il type="1">
d. D. <li type="1">
129. How to add alternative text for an Image?
a. A. <img src = "http://www.fundamentalsMCQ.com/brand.png" alternate = "Brand of website" />
b. B. <img src = "http://www.fundamentalsMCQ.com/brand.png" alt text = "Brand of website" />
c. C. <img src = "http://www.fundamentalsMCQ.com/brand.png" alternate text = "Brand of website" />
d. D. <img src = "http://www.fundamentalsMCQ.com/brand.png" alt = "Brand of website" />

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130. How to embedded Audio Files in HTML?
a. A. <embed src = "mysong.mid" width = "100" height = "15">
b. B. <embed sound = "mysong.mid" width = "100" height = "15">
c. C. <embed audio = "mysong.mid" width = "100" height = "15">
d. D. <embed music = "mysong.mid" width = "100" height = "15">
131. Whichg of the following is used to create web pages?
b. C
c. JVM
d. DTD
132. HTML is considered as ___ language
a. Programming Langauge
b. OOP Language
c. High Level Language
d. Markup Language
133. HTML language is a set of markup ___
a. Attributes
b. Tags
c. Sets
d. Groups
134. HTML tags are used to describe document ____
a. Definition
b. Language
c. Content
d. None of these
135. HTML document can contain
a. Attributes
b. Tags
c. Plain text
d. All of these
136. Page designed in HTML is called a
a. Yellow Page
b. Web Page
c. Server Page
d. Front Page
137. We can write HTML code using ____. Select appropriate option(s).
a. VLC Media
b. Notepad++
c. Microsoft PowerPoint
d. None of these
138. HTML document is saved using ____ extension.
a. .htl
b. .html
c. .hml
d. .htnl
139. The software that can read and render HTML documents is
a. Server
b. Compiler
c. Interpreter
d. Browser
140. PCs running Windows 3.x will have ____extension for html pages
a. .htl
b. .html
c. .htm
d. .hml
141. Which of the following is not an example of browser?
a. Netscape Navigator
b. Microsoft Bing
c. Mozilla Firefox
d. Opera
142. Who is the primary author of HTML?
a. Brendan Eich
b. Tim Berners-Lee
c. Web Programmer
d. Google Inc
143. HTML was first proposed in year ___.
a. 1980
b. 1990
c. 1995
d. 2000
144. HTML tags are surrounded by ___ brackets
a. Angle
b. Square
c. Round
d. Curly
145. Opening tag of HTML is called
a. Ending tag
b. Starting tag
c. Closed tag
d. Pair tags
146. HTML document contain one root tag called ____
b. Title
c. Body
147. Basic fundamental block is called as ___
a. HTML tag
b. HTML body
c. HTML Attribute
d. HTML Element
148. Pick the odd out
a. Table
b. TR
c. TD
d. Form
149. The first page of a website is called
a. Design
b. Home page
c. First page
d. Main page
150. The version of HTML is
a. HTML0
b. HTML1
c. HTML2
d. All of these

Webpage Designing And HTML MCQ Questions And Answers  

Question #101 to #150

101 - b
102 - d
103 - a
104 - b
105 - d
106 - b
107 - a
108 - c
109 - a
110 - d
111 - a
112 - c
113 - a
114 - c
115 - b
116 - b
117 - d
118 - c
119 - b
120 - a
121 - b
122 - a
123 - a
124 - c
125 - d
126 - c
127 - a
128 - b
129 - d
130 - a
131 - a
132 - d
133 - b
134 - c
135 - d
136 - b
137 - a
138 - b
139 - d
140 - c
141 - b
142 - b
143 - b
144 - a
145 - b
146 - d
147 - a
148 - d
149 - b
150 - d

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