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Here we present the solution to the questions sent by users. My answers are marked with a green tick mark and I have explained why I choose a particular option as the correct answer. Please feel free to correct me if you discover any mistakes or wish to offer suggestions.

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Answers to User Questions

Questions asked by Deepak Shrestha

Q. What are the moral dilemmas caused by the use of a computer?
Answer: Computer ethics scholars widely advocate the use of real-life cases as a basis for computer ethics education. But what are the actual moral dilemmas perceived by computer users?  The problems can be - intellectual property rights (Unauthorized copying, Plagiarism on the Internet, Plagiarism of answers to exercises), questionable content of web pages (Immoral or illegal content, Incorrect content), hacking, impersonation, misuse of confidential or private information, viruses, misuse of working time and facilities, business ethics, decrease of social dealings, email spam, and unequal access to information. 
Q. A computer on a network that can function as both a client and a server
a. Dedicated server
b. Non – dedicated server
c. Workstation
d. None
Explanation: Among the given four options, Workstation cannot act as a server. Dedicated Server is designated for a specific service only - it does not care any other functions in network. Non-dedicated servers are the kind of servers that can offer multiple services. It can function as both a client and a server.
Q. A computer on a network that actually participates in communication job under the control and management of the main computer
a. Dedicated server
b. Non-dedicated server
c. Workstation
d. Server
Explanation: Workstation is a computer on a network that actually participates in communication job under the control and management of the main computer known as a server.

Questions asked by Sumit Kumar Das

Q. In mail merge operation which of the following might represent the main document?
a. A sales broacher
b. A form later
c. A database of names and addresses
d. All of above
Explanation: A form letter is a document achieved after mail merge. A database of names and addresses is the data source for mail merge operation. So, these options are invalid fot this question. Thus correct answer is option 'a'.
Q. which of the following is the most important reason for installing windows updates?
a) They may include security patches
b) They can improve the performance of your PC
c) They may fix bugs in the operating system
d) They slow down the start-up time of your computer
Explanation: The reason for installing windows updates is because they include security patches as well as may fix bugs in the operating system. Option 'D' is invalid. Thus between option 'a' and option 'c', I would choose the option 'a' as most important.
Q.what would you choose to create a pre-formatted style in MS PowerPoint?
a) Slide sorter view
b) Slide Layout
c) Slide Transition
d) Slideshow
Explanation: Slide Design should be the correct answer. Slide sorter view does not offer any pre-formatted styles. Slide Layout allows you to choose 'what element will be positioned where' in the slide, but it does not include any pre-formatted styles. Slide transition is the effect applied for the duration when current slide exits and new slide enters in the show. The slideshow is when you run your presentation.

However, if this is the question asked in the exam and I wish to answer, I would choose Slide Layout as near to the correct answer.
Q. Key to represent relationship between tables is called
A. foreign key
B. primary key
C. Secondary kay
D. none of the above
Explanation: Primary key identifies the records uniquely in a table and represents the relationship between tables.
Q. In MS word to view smaller text on the screen you can
a) increase the editing percentage
b) decrease the editing percentage
c) Increase the view percentage
d) decrease the view percentage
Explanation: You can increase the view percentage to look them bigger when the text is smaller on the screen. If you increase editing percentage it will effect while printing too!
Q. which of the following data type is not valid in MS excel?
a) Picture
b) Percentage
c) Character
d) Text
Explanation: Excel has numeric and string data types. A Percentage is a numeric data type with the format. We don't have Character data type in Excel.

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