Practical Model Question Paper Vol 3 for Computer Operator

Here I offer to download Computer Operator Practical Model Sets Vol 3. This is the last volume containing practical question papers from set 10 to set 15. If you have not downloaded the first and second volume yet, please visit my earlier posts.

I have prepared some video solutions for some of these practical questions. You can check them in ICT Trends Videos or I will publish posts of those solutions gradually in this blog.

Download Computer Operator Practical Model Sets Vol 3

This is the third volume containing 5 model question papers - from the model set #10 to #15. These questions require better computer skills of a bit advanced level. For those who felt comfortable with volume #1 and volume #2, they should try these questions from vol 3.

Practical Model Question Vol 3 for Computer Operator

The sets cover the topics such as applying styles, line spacing, inserting the table of contents, hyperlinks, change case, columns, text direction, shadow, margins, indentation, selective borders, find and replace, tables with merged rows and columns, tab stop setting and creating a document with Nepali script etc. Similarly, in Excel, you should be able to work with cell alignment, rotated text, 3D charts, calculate commission, text, net earnings, line charts, pie charts, display date in the specified format, fixing decimal digits and so on. 

Download Practical Model Question Vol 3 for Computer Operator

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