Practical Model Question Paper Vol 2 for Computer Operator

I composed 16 practical mode question papers divided into 3 volumes. The first volume contained 5 model sets that required basic computer skills. Once you are comfortable with the questions from the first volume, download practical model question paper vol 2 and practice for your Computer Operator Practical examination.

This second volume contains another 5 sets of question paper numbered from 6 to 10. This set requires an intermediate level of computer skills. All the questions comply with the prescription of PSC Syllabus.

Practical Model Question Paper Vol 2

Download Practical Model Set Vol 2

You can find questions related to tab settings, hyperlinks, data consolidation, charts, creating database query, create a presentation with motion path, HTML code for table and images, using shapes in MS Word, password protection, applying borders, using a formula in excel, create a relationship in Access, apply slide timing, HTML code with image, table and hyperlinks and so on.

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