Download Operating Systems MCQ Bank for Computer Operator Exam

Click here to download operating systems MCQ bank for Computer Operators.  Operating Systems is taught in two levels - for assistants, they learn to use the operating system and for officers, they learn the design and algorithm behind various aspects of the operating system.

Because this eBook is designed for the candidates of IT Assistant posts it is focused more on the features and use of operating systems. The PSC Syllabus for Computer Operator and Data Entry Supervisor includes MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows.

Operating Systems MCQ Bank

Download Operating Systems MCQ Bank

A candidate is expected to be well versed in technical terms of operating system, be able to perform basic command line operations and feel comfortable to use Windows and manage the computer. You should know the terms like shell, kernel, spooling, virtual memory, user interface, CUI, GUI, Buffer, disk partitioning, formatting, scanning, hibernation and so on. You should be able to use Windows to configure regional settings, install and uninstall applications, managing files and folders, setting up device properties and so on.
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