Download MS Access MCQ Bank by Suresh Khanal

To Download MS Access MCQ Bank by MCQ Sets, please find the download link towards the bottom of this page.

Microsoft Access is still an important topic for many competitive exams such as Computer Operator, Data Entry Supervisor, Computer Technician, Bank Exams and so on. I prepared this MCQ Bank and distribute it through MCQ Sets site but because the site is no more, I offered the download link here for your convenience.

Download MS Access MCQ Bank by Suresh Khanal

This MS Access MCQ Bak contains 493 multiple choice questions, all from Database Management System Concepts, RDBMS and MS Access application. Each question contains four possible options and there is one and only one correct answer for each question. The correct answers are presented on the last page of book.

This eBook is composed and compiled by Suresh Khanal for mcqSets website.

Download MS Access MCQ Bank by Suresh Khanal

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