Download Computer Networking Short Question And Answer eBook

Here you download Computer Networking Short Question And Answer eBook. The link is towards the end of this post.

This eBook is designed to help in comprehending computer networking concepts and terminology for those who are preparing IT Assistant job exams. I tried to make it as easy and simple so as to make it suitable for new learners.

The content is presented in a short question-answer format that allows you to focus on the topic at hand. The Computer Networking Short Question and Answer eBook is divided into distinct parts dealing specific topics.

Computer Networking Short Question And Answers

The eBook is started discussing Transmission Media which covers types of transmission media, bound and unbound transmission media, twisted pair cable, co-axial cable, fiber optics cable, cable terminators. Similarly, it explains radio waves, microwave, advantages, and disadvantages of a microwave, infrared and its uses.

The second part of eBooks is about Computer Network which covers advantages of networking, network services, network server, client, dedicated server, workstation, dumb terminal and so on.

The third part is about Types of Computer Network which discusses LAN, MAN, WAN and also enterprise WAN as well as Global WAN.

Fourth part talks about Protocols that cover major network protocols and their functions.

Fifth part deals about LAN Topologies - connection type, point-to-point, multipoint connection, basic LAN topologies, BUS, Ring, Star, topologies other than basic topologies.

Apart from above-mentioned topics, Computer Networking Short Questions and Answers eBook has other parts explaining Network Standards, Network Architecture, Networking Model and finally, Network and Internet Technology.

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